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Good scalp & hair care


After more than 20 years developing Skincare products, leveraging trends and clients’ needs from all over the world, Sephora Collection now democratizes hair skinification to make it uncomplicated, approachable and enjoyable. Sorting out the hype from the real deal, we carefully selected the right ingredients in 90% natural-based formulas to take care of your hair (gently) but efficiently, and the right product types to start giving your scalp a little TLC (Tender Loving Care).


Because your scalp deserves some extra-love, this cleansing scalp scrub formulated with 90% ingredients from natural origin, is your best ally to lift away dead cells, polluting particles oil and dirt. 100% of woman found their scalp purified after 1 use !** This scrub shampoo also contains Apple cide vinegar known to add shine to hair.

**% of woman satisfied after the first use. In use test on 22 volunteers.

Visible results :
-85% polluting particles after 1 use*
95% found their scalp Rebalanced

*Scientific test on 20 hair locks, after standardized cleansing.
**% of woman satisfied after the first use. In use test on 22 volunteers

Star ingredient :
Apple cider vinegar from natural origin known to add shine to hair

We care about packaging and water : 
This jar is made of 68% recycled plastic.
Our formula contains -49% less water than traditional formulas*

*Scientific measurement of water content.

How to apply ?

Ready to slough away that buildup ?

Don’t worry, adding our scalp scrub into your hair-care routine is pretty simple.
To save you time, we created our scalp scrub to be both a scrub and a shampoo.​

Instructions :

So, once a week use our cleansing scalp scrub as a replacement for your regular shampoo for a deep cleanse.​
​ 1. Wet your hair and apply the product directly all over your scalp.​
​ 2. Gently massage your scalp in circular motions to lift away buildup and dead skin.​​
3. Lather to distribute over the lengths and rinse thoroughly.​


Enriched with powerful phytoproteins and provitamin B5 this mask is perfect to moisture and repair your hair. From the first application, hair is hydrated and softer.* After 21 days of use, hair is regenerated, less damaged and split ends are repaired.**
Formulated with 96% ingredients from natural origin, this high-rinsing melting texture leaves your hair shiny and manageable.

* % of woman satisfied after 1 use. In use test on 22 volunteers.​
**% of woman satisfied after 21 days of use. Scientific test on 22 volunteers.

Visible results :
100% found their hair hydrated after 1 use*
-25% split ends after 21 days of use**

*% of woman satisfied after 1 use. Scientific test on 22 volunteers.
**Scientific test on 22 volunteers, after 21 days of use

Star ingredient :
Phytoproteins from natural origin help make hair more resistant.

We care about packaging and water : 
This jar is made of 68% recycled plastic.
Our high rinsing formula saves 3,8L of water with each use compared to a classical hair mask*

*Scientific test on 30 volunteers, after 1 use and standardized rinsing.

How to apply ?

Just as face masks work to nourish and hydrate your skin, hair masks do the same for your strands.​ Our hydrating hair mask works to penetrate your hair with the right amount of TLC to improve the overall look and feel for your hair ! ​

Instructions :

Use twice a week on damp hair :​
1. After shampooing your hair, spread the hydrating hair mask evenly throughout mid-lengths and ends, piece by piece. Then comb through your hair with your fingers.​
2. Leave-on for 5 to 7 minutes before rinsing.​Rinse thoroughly with water.
3. Because we care for your hair but also for water : we developed a hig-rinsing formula which allows a saving of 3,8L of water with each use.​


Enriched with a combination of Biotin and Phytoproteins, this scalp serum brings density and thickness to your hair !

After 2 months of use, hair is denser and hair fiber is fortified, more resistant.
Formulated with 99% ingredients from natural origin, this non-rinse formula doesn’t leave a greasy film or weight down hair.

Visible results :
+12% increase in hair density after 1 month of use*
+11% increase in thickness after 2 months of use**

*Scientific test on 20 volunteers, after 28 days of use.
**Scientific test on 20 volunteers, after 56 days of use.

Star ingredient :
Biotin from synthetic origin known to improve hair quality.
+ Phytoproteins help strenghten​ hair.

We care about packaging and water : 
This bottle is made from 30% recycled glass and is recyclable*​. Cardboard comes from sustainably managed forests & is printed with vegetable-based inks.​ In order to be water conscious, we used leave in formulas that do not need to be rinsed.​

*Check locally​

How to apply ?

Tip :

Once a week, show your scalp some extra-love and as a replacement for your regular shampoo, use our cleansing scalp scrub for purified and cleansed hair and scalp.

Instructions :

1. This serum has to be applied nightly on dry or damp scalp.​
​ 2. Section your hair to apply a few drops of the serum (or as needed) on your scalp.​​
​ 3. Massage the product into the scalp to distribute the formula.​​
4. Do not rinse, this non-greasy formula is a leave-in formula.​