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High performance makeup perfected by nature




Care Natural Glow + 10H Hydratation Foundation Pečující make-up

22P - středně tmavý s růžovým podtónem
K dispozici v 25 barvách


This weightless, buildable foundation gives you the perfect blend of makeup and skincare for a natural glow, with 97% naturally derived ingredients.
This foundation evens skin tone, smoothes texture, and boosts complexion radiance.
Its formula is enriched with matcha tea powder, known for its hydrating and nourishing properties, as well as vitamin C, which adds glow.

★★★★★ 2 months ago
Great foundation and clean too!
Thank you very much Sephora for offering us products with a clean composition and moreover at a great price. The foundation is perfect for what I was looking for which is a medium coverage, it is not matte but not "greasy" either. The finish is really natural.

Posted by @Maeva on



A mascara with 96% of ingredients of natural origin and enriched with densifying bamboo powder and nourishing avocado oil. Its intense, clump-free, lash by lash volume is incredibly soft and light, offering lasting comfort! The fragrance-free, vegan formula is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens users.

★★★★★ 12 days ago
My new favorite
I bought this mascara and frankly I am not disappointed! It makes a beautiful fringe of lashes with a nice volume and length while separating well the lashes!
It's really my new favorite! In addition, I have sensitive eyes, it is ultra comfortable!
I've already recommended it to a lot of friends!

Posted by @Maeva on


An eye pencil containing over 90% of ingredients of natural origin, fragrance free, vegan (1) , enriched with softening rice powder to care for your skin. It's texture is comfortable all day long, delivering intense, luminous color for even more beautiful eyes. Its waterproof formula delivers an intense, long-lasting, transfer-proof line that won’t run.


A 12 hour wear liquid eyeshadow, made with 90% natural ingredients, to make your eyes even more beautiful with intense, luminous, metallic color - in a twinkling. This super light, ultra soft eyeshadow is enriched with softening Matcha Tea powder.
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens users. 

★★★★★ 1 month ago
Perfect for when you don't wear much makeup with eyeshadow. Amazing color, easy to apply and long lasting! I love it!
Posted by @Maeva on



Sun Powder Matte Bronzing Powder Matný pudr

02 Bali (Medium - Matte) (8 g)
K dispozici v 3 barvách


Made from ingredients at least 95% of which are of natural origin and deliciously fragranced, this luminous matte finish sun powder creates a natural longwear tan.
Suits all types of skin, even sensitive. Non comedogenic. 



Shimmer Sun Powder Pudr

02 A Trip to Haiti (Medium - Shimmer) (8 g)
K dispozici v 3 barvách


The shimmer sun powder is made with 94% of ingredients of natural origin. This sun powder offers three subtly shimmering shades, to sculpt, illuminate your complexion and boost its radiance to give you a sunkissed, healthy glow.
It is suitable for all types of skin, even sensitive.



The entire CARE range is manufactured in Europe. We work with a wide array of suppliers, most of whom are in France and Italy.

Our goal is to strike the best possible balance between product quality, performance, and texture. To do so, we decided to aim for at least 90% natural origin ingredients in our formulas. We did however choose to keep man-made ingredients in our formulas when there are no natural equivalents or when their performance is subpar. Our priority is to reach the best mix of ingredients that preserve final product quality with the right pigmentation and desired product specificities (application, lasting power, gliding feel, etc.).

We have always strived to develop products where quality, safety and effectiveness meet. Products in the CARE range are an extension of our classic makeup range and meet the same quality and performance standards: immediate long-lasting results, pigmented shades and easy to apply textures with the right level of coverage

Products in the CARE makeup range focus on formulas that contain as many natural origin ingredients as possible for all skin types, including sensitive skin, with a little added skincare.

However, we have been taking proactive steps towards establishing blacklists of banned ingredients for all Sephora Collection products. This blacklist is based on available scientific data. Several hundred cosmetic ingredients are banned from use or subject to limited use.

The main synthetic ingredients are the preservatives that ensure formula safety, gelling and emulsifying agents that help stabilize our formulas, and certain pigments to achieve the right level of color and coverage.

Currently, there are no international regulations or standards to give vegan cosmetics an official definition. None of our ingredients or raw materials come from animals. This includes ingredients often used in cosmetics that we opted to replace with natural origin ingredients.

In accordance with European regulations, we do not test our products and ingredients on animals. We are strongly involved in developing, validating, and getting the approval for alternative methods that do not involve animal testing.

We have decided not to sell this range as a whole in China.

Our goal was to develop products for all skin types, including sensitive skin. We also chose not to include additional ingredients other than those needed for formula texture, color, and efficacy. That is why we decided not to add fragrance to the products in this range, except for the bronzers where we thought keeping a summer scent was important.

Our products undergo many tests conducted by independent laboratories. These tests are used to ensure formula innocuity and efficacy. Our suppliers conduct studies that check formula stability with time and with exposure to heat and cold. Our internal team also tests each and every formula dozens of times.

Every ingredient used in our products is carefully studied, tested, and assessed by a team of scientific experts including toxicologists, biologists and regulatory experts.

The safety of our beauty products as well as the well-being and trust of our customers are, and have always been, our utmost priority. Our products and the ingredients we use are in keeping with the strictest international regulations and internal standards.

We have always been keen on open dialogue with our clients and communication based on transparency, loyalty, accuracy, and objective information.

Each application has its own database and own criteria when judging products, often represented with a grade or a color-coding system.

Each application decides whether products have “dangerous” ingredients, and rates them based on the danger they attribute to these ingredients: “no danger”, “limited risk”, “medium risk”, “high risk”; or “controversial”, “not great”, “satisfactory”, “good”.

Applications do not judge ingredients based on scientific agreement. We have noticed that they sometimes give different ratings to the same ingredient due to varying sources with different appreciations.

The effect of an ingredient in a beauty product depends on the amount of product applied, the ingredient’s concentration in the product, and transcutaneous penetration: this defines exposure to an ingredient.

The actual dosage of an ingredient is what determines how much of a health risk it poses. This type of data is unavailable to applications.

Our CARE range was developed through close collaboration with several packaging suppliers that were selected based on their ability to offer sustainable designs. Each packaging in the range was developed to best reduce their environmental impact. Over 60% of the traditional plastic in our foundation tube was replaced with plastic made from sugarcane waste. Our mascara packaging is made with 70% recycled plastic and the wood in our eye pencil comes from sustainably-managed forests.

Packaging recyclability varies from one country to another and may sometimes vary among regions. We encourage you to check your local recycling rules and separate packaging parts if needed to recycle as much as possible.